Space-saving sleeping arrangements for one or two people:

Among the guest beds, the folding beds occupy a special position, as these beds can simply be opened if necessary or transformed from a single bed into a full-fledged double bed. Some foldaway beds have an upper and a lower bed, with both beds usually equipped with conventional slatted frames and mattresses, ensuring a high level of lying and sleeping comfort. Other models can be folded to save space when not in use and provide in seconds a full sleep for your guests. The range of online store includes high-quality folding beds in different versions for the highly functional interior of your home.

In a few steps to the guest bed

The classic folding bed has casters that allow for easy transport when folded. A simple folding mechanism makes it easy to open. The feet lock automatically and you immediately a usable guest bed in the size 90x200cm available. Our folding beds are all already equipped with a mattress, so you get a full bed for your guests.

Some of our folding beds are also designed so that the lower bed is simply stored under the upper bed when not in use. If necessary, it can be pulled out and brought by a folding mechanism on the height of the upper bed, so that a lying surface as in the conventional double bed arises. Explore through our website for the best collection of mattress and boxspring set sales.

Ideal for guest, children and youth rooms    

Since the folding beds are equipped with various slatted frames and mattresses, hereby you have optimal bedding solutions for guest, children and youth rooms available. Normally, only the regular space for a single bed in the standard format of 90×200 cm is needed. If there is an overnight visit to the children or if more guests are to be accommodated in the guest room, the second bed is simply turned out and thus has another sleeping facility available.

Order your new folding bed comfortably online now

Save space and at the same time give your overnight guests full sleeping comfort with a practical folding bed. Familiarize yourself with many offers and inform yourself about the product pages in detail about the equipment options of each model.